First Live Periscope: New Active Campaign Features to Up Your Marketing Game!

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Today we did our first live periscope! Fun times and a few people joined us live on the scope. I was a little nervous – but my mantra this year is ‘execute.’ So I hit the record button and put my face live on camera! Watch it below:


I speak about 3 new Active Campaign features that have gone live in the first couple months in 2016. Among the ums and ahs I talk about these three things:

  1. Use Past Campaigns
    When setting up a new campaign, you can now choose a previous campaign and ‘clone’ it to your brand new campaign. This is especially good if you’re building automations, because you can keep the look and feel of each email consistent without having to create templates.
  2. Saved Content Blocks
    This one came out just yesterday. You now have the ability to save content blocks within campaigns that you are building and then re-use them in other campaigns. For instance if you have a footer that you always use in your campaigns, you can save it as a content block and simply drag it into any campaign that you are building – cool eh?
  3. New Form Builder
    And now for the killer. We’ve been in on the beta of the new form builder for a little while now & have been so excited to see this role out. A total overhaul and some killer new features for forms in Active Campaign. Firstly, there are four types of forms you can build. There is the normal inline form. A ribbon form (which are converting really well at the moment), a scroll box and a modal popup box. You can also specify actions to take when people enter their details in the form like what list to subscribe them to and tags to give them.   If you’re using Mavn Mail or Active Campaign then you should very quickly check it out – it will replace a whole lot of form builder plugins that you use on your website currently.

So, if you’re already on Active Campaign, jump in and test these out. Otherwise head on over to Mavn Mail and sign up for a 14 day free trial. And don’t forget to follow us on Periscope to get notified when I’m next online. I’ll be scoping regularly with tools & tips on how you can run a smarter business.


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