Grow Your Business with a Simple Automated Email

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As a business owner how many emails do you estimate you send in one day?  10, 50 or maybe it’s more like 100’s. How many of those are exactly the same?  Maybe it’s a sales follow up, or inviting someone to register for webinar. Whatever it is, if you are writing the same emails over and over again it’s time to look at automating that process. A simple automated email can save you a heap of time, help you close more leads and generally free you up to do the more important things you should be doing as a business owner.

A simple automated email is the perfect for solving these two things:

  1. It takes care of simple things, so you can concentrate on the more important things.
  2. It helps you to consistently do important things (but things you probably never get round to doing).



There are so many ways you can use a simple automated email in both in your sales process, & your operational procedures. We’ve outlined three below.

Simple Automated Email #1: The New Client Follow Up

Let’s take this scenario. You’ve just meet a new contact for coffee. They were very interested in your services and you want to continue the sales process beyond the meeting. After the meeting you send them an email with a copy of your corporate profile & your pricing and suggest a time for follow up. It’s an email that might take you about 5 minutes to write (depending on how many time you’ve written it). This simple automated email might go something like this:

Hi John,

Great meeting with you today. I believe there are several areas that we could be of assistance to you. I have attached a copy of our corporate profile as well as our pricing for you to have a look at. Please let me know if you have any questions about it. I’d love to follow up with you soon, is there a good time next week to give you a call and chat about it?


This is a really simple email but can be very effective – especially with the extra touchpoint at the end of asking for a follow up next week. And by automating this process you add consistency to your sales process, so you ensure you never miss another opportunity with a potential client again.

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Simple Automated Email #2: Send a link to a Workshop/Webinar

If you hold regular workshops or webinars then you are probably constantly being asked by people you meet to send them a link so they can register. This can be a time consuming task, especially after a networking event where you have met  umpteen people and wondering how you will ever get through this mass of emails. By implementing a simple automated email  you save yourself a heap of time & potentially will fill up that room even faster.

The process would go something like this.  You meet someone at a networking event and they hand you their business card and say I’d love to attend your next workshop can you send me the details? You take their business card, snap a picture of it on your phone & upload it to your CRM with a tag of #workshop. Later that day they get a simple automated email that sounds like this:

Dear John,

It was great meeting you today. I know you said you were interested in attending my upcoming workshop. The details are below, but to register straight away click here (link).


I’d love to see you there, but in the meantime if you have any questions about registering please give me a call on 0400 000 000.


It’s short, sweet & to the point. And you catch them while they are red hot leads. Even better you are not sitting down that night and sifting through  a heap of business cards. Instead you can just sit and enjoy that glass of red because you’ve got the magic of automation working for you!


Simple Automated Email #3: The Request For Feedback

Lets have a look at scenario number 3. You finish a job for a client. Is that the last time they ever hear from you?  It shouldn’t be. You should be learning from every interaction with clients and this can be done with a simple automated email asking ‘How Did We Do?” It might go something like this:

Hi John,

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to work with you. We hope you had a great experience with [Our Company]. We’re always keen to improve on what we do so we’d really appreciate it if you’d fill in a short survey on our performance – it’ll only take you 30 seconds.

Thanks & we look forward to working with you again in the future.


Again, another short, sweet and simple automated email that will give your customers a chance to give you some valuable feedback. I see clients from tradies through to professional service based business use this type of email really effectively.  It’s up to you what questions you include in the survey – but remember to keep it short – 5 question max. No one has time to fill out a two page survey!

So there you have it, three simple automated emails that can help you grow your business. There is a heap of software that you can use to build these automations. Of course you could use our tool of choice – Zapier. Or you could set them up in your CRM. Most good CRM’s these days will have email templates or automated email templates.  Podio is our CRM of choice and works perfectly in this way.


Now over to you – What emails do you send over and over again that you could automate?

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