Grow your Twitter Audience In 15 Minutes A Day: Our Secret Formula

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Twitter is one of our favourite social networks and still one of the only networks where it is relatively easy to grow your audience organically. Unlike Facebook, where growing your page likes usually means running a paid ad campaign. Twitter remains largely an organic Social Network. It is relatively easy to grow your twitter audience by searching hashtags and keywords that your audience is using. And using the techniques outlined in this post you can grow your audience in a targeted and easy way.

With over 200 million active users, it's a great place to find new prospects and engage deeply in conversations around topics that your business can solve.  We have a fairly good audience on Twitter which we've built over time. But this last month we decided to really put a concerted effort into Twitter and start growing our audience again. By using the system outlined in this post we've seen our audience grow from 1800 at the beginning of November to at last count 2300. That's 500 new followers in a month (not bad considering we've only spent a few minutes a day on this).

To Get Started Growing Your Twitter Audience You'll Need:

1. A Twitter Account
2. Consistently Sharing great content on your twitter account
3. Sign up to Crowdire (with your Twitter account)
Before you go straight into the process there are a couple of preparation steps you'll need to complete to make sure you are targeting the right people (aka: people who will be interested in your business).

To Grow Your Twitter Audience You Need To Think About Your Audience

If you want to become well known in your niche then by all means you can go and start following people in your industry. But if you want to really succeed at getting new prospects and customers on Twitter then you need to think about who your audience is, what they are talking about and how you can interact with them in the twittersphere.
For instance, if you're a plumber, you can very well go and find people who are tweeting about #plumbing #blockeddrains #toilets, etc. But you're most likely just going to be just following other plumbers in your industry and at the end of the day - that's not going to help you get new customers. But if you're a plumber wanting to reach out to local buisnesses and cafe's that can eventually lead to you doing business with them. Then you'll be looking to follow people who are tweeting about #sydneycafe #sydneyeats #sydneyfoodie.
If there is only one thing I could tell you, it would be to know your audience. For effective lead generation on any platform it is the beginning and end of everything. There is no point building a large audience of people who have no interest in what you are selling.

Step 1: List 10 Hashtags Your Audience Are Using

Now that you have a general idea of your audience. Do some research and choose a list of top 10 hashtags that your audience might potentially be using.  Hashtags are THE way that people categorise what they are talking about on Twitter. They really are the language of Twitter.
In our case we are looking for businesses who are talking about twitter, blogging and growing their businesses online. Our hashtag list looks something like this:
A couple of tools we use to make finding hashtags are: - You can enter a hashtag into the tool and get related hashtags - Allows you too see all sorts of information about a hashtag including what influencers use it, sites, demographics. Etc. This is really useful when buildng your audience profile.
Make a list of the top 10 hashtags that you are going to target

Step 2: Define your Competitor Accounts

The second piece to the audience puzzle is to do some research on other accounts that are similar to yours - your competitor accounts.  These accounts may or may not be in the same competitive space as you. The important thing to know when choosing these accounts is they have the same audience as you. So in our plumber example above. Yes, it pays for us to check out the accounts of other plumbers and who is following them. But if we really are targeting cafe owners then we might do some research and find some other accounts that cafe owners may follow.
Make a list of top 10 competitor accounts that may have a similar audience to yours.

Get started growing your Twitter audience by downloading our quick reference daily Twitter checklist.


Step 3: Follow The Checklist Everyday

OK, now that you have your audience, hashtags and twitter lists your job each day is now relatively simple.  Here is what we do each day:

1. Unfollow any users who aren't following us back.

We use a tool called Crowdfire which is available on mobile or desktop. We can simply open the app and see all the users not following us back. Why? Because we are looking to engage with people who are interested in our account. If we follow someone and they don't follow back, we can assume they are not the right fit for our audience.
To do this, simply open up the Crowdfire app on your desktop or mobile and click on non-followers. Then go down the list and click on the '-' sign beside each followers. This will unfollow them from your Twitter account.

2. Follow 100 People

On average 20% of people you follow will follow you back. This means by following 100 people every day you'll increase your followers by 20 people per day (that's 140 in a week and 500 in a month).  Here is where our Hashtag and Competitor List comes in. Firstly we choose a hashtag and enter it into Crowdire's Keyword Follow List. Then we simply go down the list and follow the first 50 people. Now choose one of your competitor accounts and enter it into 'Copy Followers' in Crowdire. Again, go down the list and like 50 people.

And If You Really Want To Kick It On Twitter...

Just following and unfollowing will start to grow your Twitter Audience, but if you want to go a step further, then add these extra steps to your daily routine.

Favourite Tweets

Open up Hootsuite and create a new stream using a Twitter Search of one of your hashtags. This will list all of the people mentioning this hashtag on Twitter. Now go down the list and favourite 20 tweets.

Retweet Tweets

In the same stream, choose some tweets that you think your audience will find helpful and retweet them. You could choose between 5-10. Again, it's not about quantity here, you need to think about your audience and make sure you are retweeting valuable information that they will like - otherwise they will start to unfollow you.

& Don't Forget To Engage!

With all this activity you will start to see engagement rise on your account. Direct Messages, Reply Tweets, Favourites & Retweets.  Don't forget to engage with them.  Remember, you're not a robot. The whole reason you are growing your audience is so that you can engage with people and find opportunities to start conversations that can lead to them becoming prospects.
So, there you have it, our secret formula to grow your Twitter Audience.  Commit to do this for the next month and see the results you get. Send us a tweet or leave a comment if your committing to the 30 day challenge. And let us know how you go.
Of course, if you still think you don't have the time to do all this liking, following and tweeting. We do offer a Twitter Audience managed service for just $99 per month. Get in contact with us to find out more.

Evielyn Chapman

Evielyn is the founder and managing director of Mavn Digital, A digital & technology agency is Sydney, Australia. She is passionate about helping business owners work smarter and grow their business.


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