NEW: Schedule Instagram Posts with Hootsuite!

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Well, it was a nice announcement to wake up to this morning, that Hootsuite, the behemoth of social media scheduling tools, have just added the functionality to schedule Instagram posts! It has long been a pet peeve that you haven’t been able to schedule Instagram posts and we have come up with many hacks and ways to remind us to post our planned updates at the right times.  But there always seemed to be a disconnect between all of our schedule posts and then… Instagram. It has always been a hit and miss affair.  But not anymore.

Hootsuite has rolled out a new way to plan and schedule Instagram posts as well as monitor and engage with your audience through the Hootsuite dashboard. This is a game changer for business and social media managers. Now of course, we’ve known for ages that Instagram has been closed with their API for posting photos and by no means have they struck a deal with Hootsuite or opened up their API for third party apps to post to Instagram.

Instead Hootsuite has built functionality into their mobile apps that sends a notification to you when it’s time to post. Complete with a button that says “Post to Instagram.”  It then opens up the Instagram app and inserts the photo you’ve uploaded through the Hootsuite dashboard. You then paste your caption in and off you go.  It’s similar to services that have been around for a while like Latergram. We’ve used Evernote reminders for ages to do the same thing.

With this posting functionality also comes the added benefit of being able to view your Instagram feed through Hootsuite, like comment and engage with your audience, search for users & hashtags, etc. Really, you can now ditch your phone & carry out all your engagement activity on the desktop.



The native integration allows you to schedule instagram posts + more:

  • Schedule and publish Instagram content
  • Monitor and engage with Instagram audiences
  • Securely share access to Instagram accounts across teams
  • Create team workflows, including assignments and approvals for Instagram




Instagram is an exciting platform to be a part of for a business. It’s super engaging and very easy to build organic followers, so having this ability to have it be part of your larger social media strategy is going to be amazing for small businesses. Now you can be even more strategic when it comes to your Instagram presence. But don’t forget that, as which all planning & scheduling, there is still nothing better then being in the moment, engaging with your fans & followers!

So go forth & schedule…

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