The Art of the Email Welcome Series

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Automated Email Marketing isn’t a new thing. But many businesses are missing out on an important opportunity  to turn new subscribers into customers – its called the email welcome series and it can be a very powerful way to capture the attention of your subscribers first up when they sign up to your newsletter. Large retails brands do it fantastically. But there is no reason a service based or B2B business can’t take these same principles and radically engage with their audience.

While some businesses might think it’s just too hard to setup, most of us don’t even think about it. Our subscribers get their regular standard email asking them to confirm their subscription and then…. wait until you send an email to them.

But did you know that real time welcome emails can see up to 10x more engagement than your regular batched email newsletters. That’s an opportunity that you should not be missing out on. Most people think marketing automation is complex and of course it can be. But the email welcome series is as easy as 1, 2 & 3.

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By following up that subscriber with 3 emails a few days apart you gain their attention when they are most likely to read your emails. You might send them a discount voucher, ask them to follow you on social media or to read one of your blog posts. Importantly these emails aren’t always about selling. They are about connecting with your potential customer and building trust.

Here’s 3 ideas for your email welcome series that will get you started engaging with your subscribers.


Email Welcome Series #1: Welcome & Thankyou

If you have two step authentication setup (which is standard for most marketing software these days) then the first email your subscriber will get is to confirm their subscription. Most of us just use the standard auto-responder, when we should be customising this email to take full advantage of the fact that the click through rate on this email will be the highest among any of the emails you send. A couple of ideas for this email are:

  1. Remind them of where and how they signed up
  2. Thank them.
  3. Inform them of the benefits they are going to receive.


email-welcome-series-saks email welcome series



Email Welcome Series #2: Build Trust & Give them a bonus!

Everyone loves a bonus or a discount (or at least we girls do!). Your second email should be sent a couple of days later and it’s purpose is to build trust and cause the subscriber to continue to engage with you company.  You want to give them something whether it’s a discount or a link to an exclusive piece of content that only subscribers have access to. It’ll make them feel special and they’ll start to like you. And most likely they’ll look forward to your emails because you are adding value to them. Here’s a couple of ideas that you could include in this second email:

  1. Set the expectation. Tell them what they can expect now they are a subscriber.
  2. Send them a link to a bonus piece of content (a blog, an ebook or a white paper)
  3. Send them a coupon or discount voucher.



Barneys Welcome Email Series


Email Welcome Series #3: The Cross Channel Email

You not only want these subscribers to turn into customers, but you want them to eventually be loyal fans of your company and the best way to accomplish this is to have as many touchpoint with your company as possible. Asking them to follow you on Social Media is a great way to not only grower social media channels, but add more touch points to your customer journey. Here’s three ideas for the third instalment of your email welcome series:

  1. Ask them to follow you on social media
  2. Let them know they can set their subscription preferences – so you only send them email that is relevant to them.
  3. Spell out the reasons they should follow you (maybe it’s exclusive offers, real time updates on sales, tips & tricks, etc.) and give them an incentive to do so.


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Remember, just because they signed up to your newsletter doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed that they will read any of your emails. By creating an email welcome series you increase the chances that your subscribers will interact with your brand. And if they love your brand you increase the chances that they will buy from you.

Setting up an email welcome series is easy with marketing automation software and you can use anything from the every popular Mailchimp, through to more sophisticated  software like Infusionsoft or our very own email marketing software – Mavn Mail.


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